In 2013, CaPtivate granted Immunotope Inc. a non-exclusive world-wide license of CaP nanoparticle technology for development and commercialization of T-cell vaccines. The first T-cell vaccine candidate that combines CaPtivate’s CaP nanoparticles with proprietary dengue-specific peptide epitopes identified by Immunotope’s immunoproteomics platform technology is a fully synthetic, multi-epitope, universal vaccine for dengue virus (DV) infections. The ability of CaP nanoparticle-based multi epitope dengue vaccine formulation has been demonstrated to induce dengue virus specific and strong CTL activation, in vitro and in vivo.  In studies, CaP clearly indicated potential in development of therapeutic vaccines as well as vaccine for prophylactic use. 

The investigational 
CaP-Dengue vaccine is currently in further development by Immunotope Inc.

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We are actively seeking partnership opportunities with biotechnology and vaccine companies or non-profit organizations those who may be interested in evaluating and validating of our antigen delivery platform within their therapeutic vaccine development programs.