Our Business Strategy

We are actively seeking collaborations, partnerships, or licensing opportunities to utilize CaP nanoparticle technology as a versatile vaccine adjuvant and delivery system for applications in human and animal health.  We believe the safety, stability, scalability, reproducibility, and suitability of CaPNP platform for parenteral or mucosal routes would enable your vaccine products to face minimal regulatory hurdles for further development.


Based on a large portfolio of preclinical vaccine data, we identified the following areas in vaccine development where utilizing CaP adjuvant/delivery platform would be most advantageous:

  • In formulations where other adjuvants exhibit poor or no activity or raising safety concerns
  • Novel formulations of approved vaccines for mucosal delivery
  • To enable antigen dose sparing 
  • Vaccines for therapeutic use
  • Thermostable dry powder vaccines
  • As a safer alternative to adjuvants used for production of research antibodies in animal models
  • To develop new/improved veterinary vaccines

If you would like to explore the potential of CaP in your vaccine development programs or are interested in other opportunities for partnering, please contact us at info@captivatepharma.com