CaP Nanoparticles for Vaccine Adjuvant

Despite the presence of many adjuvants in development that are clearly more potent than alum, risk of toxicity has been the single most important impediment in introducing them in human vaccines. This need and opportunity have been the driving forces in the development of our CaP nanoparticle vaccine adjuvant technology (CaPtivantTM) and we believe that CaP has the potential to play a major role in this growing market.

CaP represents the safest vaccine adjuvant compared to those commercially available not only because it is biodegradable but is also biocompatiblle. Therefore it is considered a self-antigen; non-antigenic to the immune system. CaP-adsorbed vaccines will only induce antigen specific antibodies but no adjuvant-specific antibody response as opposed to those bio-incompatible which could be recognized as antigens inducing specific antibodies to both the adjuvant and the vaccine antigen.